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What is Wikitype?

This is a wiki for typewriter enthousiasts. The aim is to create, by time, an encyclopaedia of all typewriter related matters.

Role model of Wikitype is the excellent

Structure of the Wikitype project

Wikitype, as Wikipedia, exists in different languages. As of October 2015, these are: Dutch, English, French, German and Polish. Technically, this is called Wiki family.

Each language Wikitype functions as an independent site. Yet, they are all interlinked, which makes cross-language referencing easy.

Contributors may create articles in any language they feel at ease with.

Getting in touch

Please address questions to Admin.


Be precise, cite your sources.

The Admin team has total editing control over contents and pages.

History of Wikitype was established by Georg Sommeregger in 2012. It lay dormant until 2015.

As of Oct. 30, 2015, different language versions of Wikitype are available.